• Flavor: Sweet Floral Undertones
  • Color: Dark Amber
  • Pairing:  Perfect Secret For Cocktails
  • Recipe: Blood Orange Honey Martini
  • Region: Southwest Florida

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Wildly comb honey changes a little each season. Harvest times are typically spring, summer and fall. The bees forage on a variety of floral, jasmine, mango, dried pineapple, and coconut.  Our wildly comb wildflower honey contains the most diverse range of pollens is nice and slow to preserve the enzymes and leave the good stuff in the jar. Always raw and unfiltered.

Wildly Comb – Daddy D’s Honey is ideal for those who have allergies. The bees collect pollen from local plants. By consuming local wild flower honey, you’ll be able to build up your immunity from the plants that are causing the allergies to begin with.

If crystallization or granulation is observed, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water for twenty minutes to re-liquefy. Keep Daddy D’s wildly comb honey in an area that will stay at average room temperature. Because honey is best stored at room temperature (somewhere between 64 to 75 F), keeping your container of honey on a shelf or in your pantry is recommended.


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