• Flavor: Light Buttery Anise & Spice
  • Color: Ultra-Light Amber
  • Pairing: Sauces, Glazes, & Herbal Teas
  • Recipe: Clover Honey Cider Detox
  • Region: Nashville Tennessee

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Tennessee comb is a very distinctive honey. Beehives produce from nectar of the Sourwood tree’s flower.  This airy, yet satisfying light butter taste of anise and spice is much sweeter than wildflower or orange blossom honey. Best used with southern cooking or baking.

Tennessee comb – Daddy D’s Honey has plenty of medicinal purposes to treat anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. The natural sugar from the Sourwood honey can be applied to a wound, the acidic pH of Sourwood honey, may encourages the blood to release oxygen which is beneficial also contributes in wound healing properties. Rich in antioxidants may also aide with relieving cold and cough symptoms. When suffering from coughing a study, 139 children found that honey was a better choice in easing nighttime coughs and improving sleep than the popular cough suppressant dextromethorphan and even antihistamine.

If crystallization or granulation is observed, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water for twenty minutes to re-liquefy. Keep Daddy D’s Tennessee comb honey in an area that will stay at average room temperature. Because honey is best stored at room temperature (somewhere between 64 to 75 F), keeping your container of honey on a shelf or in your pantry is recommended.


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